We Give Thrust To The Public Trust


California's Water is slipping away from us, the public. The public owns the water in California, per the California Water Code. The Public Trust Doctrine, affirmed by our Supreme Court, asserts that our water is to be protected for the beneficial use of all people of the state, and for future generations. The water agencies are our Trustees and they hold the responsibility to keep our water "ours."

Not everyone in California has equal access to our water: over 1 million people don't have clean drinking water; we've "given away" five times more water than our rivers produce in an average year; every major groundwater basin has been over pumped and/or polluted; our fish stocks continue to tailspin towards extinction; almost every stream in the state doesn't meet water quality standards; and private interests made over $200 million this year in water deals selling our water.

The core purpose of the Public Trust lies in protecting the citizen's unyielding interest in their own survival, and the survival of future generations. The people's interest and right for the protection of our water for survival limits our government's ability to diminish or jeopardize our public interest.

Join us in putting thrust into our Public Trust.

Photography provided by Jared Chambers and Unsplash


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