Public Trust Water Projects

The Public Trust Water Project will engage people in social media platforms to inspire “conversational language” around the Public Trust. Developing personal and shared ownership and accountability for our water is important and foundational in a democracy. We want a dynamic dialog to evolve from citizens, fostering a sustainable stewardship of our mutual Public Trust Asset. Through P.T.W.'s active facilitation, engaged youth and adults will better understand the mismanagement of the Public Trust, and participate in demanding the accountability of our state, federal, and local governments for Public Trust protections.

Engagement and Activism through Social Media

Students from different educational levels are being engaged so their language and perspectives can influence the ongoing state and regional water discussions. Students can bring their voices through edgy social media and direct participation in public meetings and hearings.

Media Literacy and Social Activism

Educational curricula will be co-developed around Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, and Social Activism as a means to engage the state’s demographic most adversely impacted by the degradation of the state’s water resources. Educational tools, methods, and thesis development will be components of a de-centralized effort to engage youth in environmental and social activism concerning the Public Trust and water.

California Water Commission (CWC)

The California Water Commission began proceedings January 21, 2015 to develop the required guidelines and criteria Proposition 1 Water Bond funding expenditures. CWC has the authority to allocated up to $2.7 billion in public funds for water storage improvements. Our campaign has been working to get Public Trust criteria into the Bond expenditure rules, but more aggressive efforts may be needed.

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

A series of “conversations” began in January 2015 with the SWRCB concerning their Public Trust responsibilities. Issues include trustee accountability, over-allocation of the state’s waters, chronic failures to protect water quality, widespread degradation of our groundwater resources, and the leadership role of the SWRCB for promoting and articulating Public Trust principals and water stewardship.

Community Building

Community building around the Public Trust Water Mission will occur by supporting the existing placed-based groups. This campaign will provide materials and support that can further the local group's missions concerning Trustee accountability, people's rights of access to clean water, water quality protection, ecosystem needs for water and other Public Trust issues and needs. The purpose is to have locally-based “tuning” of the messaging and further engaging community members as activists and leaders.

Website and Social Media Products

In addition to this website, multiple student-organized social media platforms are in place. These platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram - are designated for relevant videos, photography, art, and literature to be posted by students from around the state.

Tool Kits

Tools kits including talking points, handbills, sample letters, props, and other tools for activism and participation will be developed for Open Source and Commons uses.

Campaign and Project Collaborators

Some 20 different organizations have been apprised of this campaign, it's mission and intentions. Collaboration strategies are being developed with several of these organizations for the advancement of Public Trust education and engagement.

Project Based Outcome and Assessment, or a "Win" for the PTD Campaign

A “win” is when the public enjoys a meaningful and "pedestrian" language around the Public Trust, citizens can articulate their expectations for water stewardship of their Trustees, and the people are actively engaged at all agency levels demanding the transparency and public trust protections required of their Public Trust Asset.